15 comments on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. geri

    hi katie! loved all your pictures! it was hot,hot,hot down here in so cal for the 4th! we had a lovely b.b.q with friends and family.
    the best part of the day…a trip to our local petsmart, where they were having a rescue adoption fair! they had theee cutest 8-eight week old baby pugs! sooo adorable, and of course i instantly thought of you! the two are synonymous you know! you would have been melting and unable to resist katie! all fawn too, like your two handsome guys!

  2. Colleen

    I do not have instagrm and of course, will now have to investigate. I love your festive 4th of July photo collection collection, but most of all, I love your handsome fellow!

  3. Amanda

    I love your dog. Ahhhhh, melty heart.

    Been avoiding instagram since I think pinterest is enough of an addiction for now. Ha. But your images are super cool. Tempting…

  4. Sarah

    LOVE istagram and your pictures! My husband and I have been doing a 30-day photo challenge using istagram to document our life day by day! Challenging, but fun!

  5. Lindsay K

    Lovely pictures! Your dog makes me want to get over my fear of dogs. He’s so precious.

    PS- Can’t wait to look at the latest issue of Matchbook this afternoon with ice tea. It’s one of my favorite things:)

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