Maine in August…

We’re headed to Maine for a week’s vacation in August and this beautifully curated product page by Marina Rust for Vogue reminds me how I love it so. My little brother is performing at a lakeside resort there all summer (can you say “Dirty Dancing“?) and I can’t wait to visit him and get my antiquing fix. Lobster rolls, anyone?

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  1. Susan

    Oh, I just adore Maine! Have a fabulous time, and if you carry any watermelons, make sure your husband is there. ;)

  2. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors


    Try to get up to the Acadian Mountains.
    I have been summering in NEHarbor, for
    many years. It is simply a little slice of heaven
    here …. The village is so quaint. It is indeed a very
    special place to summer!! Enjoy!

  3. quintessence

    Oh too funny – I just spent last weekend in Maine. I stayed at my favorite resort there and wrote a piece about it last Thursday. You would love it – it’s an old fashioned all-American secret that families have been going to for generations – the kind of place Ralph Lauren dreams about. I also love Marina Rust – she is the perfect combination of NYC understated elegance and down east home style comfort – my kind of girl – as are you!!

  4. Stacee at Darling Kichaa

    Maine is one of favorite places! Check out the Pomegranate Inn in Portland where every room is a piece of art. The Portland Museum and the Maine College of Art also will feed the creative soul. Enjoy!

  5. Mariel

    Aww, I want to go the Maine so badly. I’d be happy with any place in New England, really. :) The idea of lobster rolls makes my mouth water!

  6. Joanna

    What a beautiful collections of pretty things! Hopefully the weather is cooler up there than it is here in NYC! I love reading your posts, you’re such an inspiration =)


  7. Corinne

    I just got back from a week in Maine myself! It’s a small island off the coast of Rockland and it was fantastic! Enjoy the heat wave break!

  8. CoteWrites

    There is nothing like lobster rolls, corn on the cob and porch swings to make it feel like a New England summer. :) Have a splendid trip!

  9. mk

    i’ve been stockpiling tidbits on maine all summer for a labor day weekend getaway and am so delighted you brought this to my attention! i had a lobster roll at luke’s in the east village last week (you know, just to prep my taste buds!) and, while it was divine, am now even more desperate for one by the sea, not on the sidewalk. hope you have an absolutely fab time!

  10. Hilary

    Your brother’s not performing at Ogunquit is he? It’s THE most darling theatre town! I just performed at a little theatre on the lake this summer in upstate NY next to a little cabins beach club that we called Dirty Dancing. ;)

  11. Fiona-Rose

    How funny! I’m leaving tomorrow for a week in Maine. I’ll be staying on little cranberry island (Islesford) and, in case you’re interested, there’s going to be a great music festival there on the 13th of august ( Have a wonderful trip!

  12. Ana

    Thanks Katie! What great inspiration! A girl can never have too many petit bateau striped shirts <3 enjoy your trip!


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