16 comments on “Annie Hall Prints

  1. chelsea

    These are adorable! I had to get the kate spade note pads that said “La di da” on them, just for the Annie Hall reference. And then a second set because, y’know, I’ll always need them!

    “Manhattan” is actually my favorite movie, although “Annie Hall” is a very, very close second. If the beginning of “Anne Hall” were as sublimely amazing as the beginning of “Manhattan,” it would probably take the top spot.

  2. CoteWrites

    My favorite Woody Allen film is actually “Annie Hall.” In film school I even had a chance to pour over early script drafts, original production stills and marked-up manuscripts. My favorite Allen film since then is probably “Deconstructing Harry.” Thanks for sharing this late-night-Etsy find, Katie! :)

  3. Sarah O'Brien

    These are adorable. I am big Woody Fan, my favorites are Mighty Aphrodite and Everyone Says I Love You.

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