Monthly Archives: October 2011

Granny Sparkle

I’ve decided that someday when I’m a fabulous old lady I’m going to have to wear lots of fabulous old brooches. I’m thinking extra loud and sparkly. Aim high, right? These four from Tiffany & Co. are tops in my book. The owl makes me smile so and the butterfly, well, who doesn’t love a few pink tourmalines, amethysts, and diamonds? Thankfully, I have 45+ years to save… ;)

My Pink Pony Hope Card

Hello dear readers! This morning I’d like to share with you something near and dear to my heart…

Today Ralph Lauren and Paperless Post are pleased to announce the first ever Pink Pony Hope Card Line. Together they have engaged four bloggers (including myself, such an honor!) to create our very own card. Each reflects our personal style (love that it looks like letterpress!) with a special message of hope. Additionally, each card has a click to donate function to the Pink Pony Fund. This October send a message of hope to friends and family and help drive awareness to Pink Pony’s mission of ensuring that everyone, regardless of income, can access the care they need! To send a Pink Pony Hope Card click here.

A word about the Pink Pony Fund: With a focus on breast cancer, the Pink Pony Fund of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation supports programs for early diagnosis, education, treatment and research and is dedicated to bringing patient navigation and quality cancer care to medically underserved communities. If you are interested in making a donation to the Pink Pony Fund please click here.

P.S. I am honored to have participated alongside the fantastic Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, Heather of Habitually Chic, and Dallas Shaw of Dilly Dallas. Be sure to check out their lovely cards as well. Incredible young women uniting for a good cause!