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So I just ordered the Minted holiday cards at top (don’t Alfred and Wallace look hilarious?) and am SO excited to be sending out our very first cards as a family. Better yet, Minted has graciously offered me a $100 gift certificate for one of you! You can use it for holiday cards or their new notebooks which are absolutely darling. To enter comment below with your favorite Minted design(s) and a winner will be selected at random this Thursday, December 1st at noon PST. Bonne chance!!!

UPDATE: Congrats to Gracie, the lucky winner! You have been contacted by email :)

120 comments on “Minted Giveaway

  1. Taryn

    No way!! I absolutely love Minted and had planned to send out our first family holiday cards this year as well. Thank you for the chance to win!

  2. Missy Ann

    My favorite design is “M Is For Married” holiday card. I was just married 4 months ago and love the idea of it. Not to mention I’m a teacher, so the ABC’s is so fun, and my first name starts with M, so I’m a little partial to that letter. A classic design and holiday card that would be a great keepsake to remember our first christmas together!

  3. ashley

    dying over Wallace and Alfred in their sweaters! and they both look so serious :) the etched holiday cards stole my heart, minted always has the greatest designs!

  4. a lovely being

    Oh my! Don’t your boys look handsome (and g-rated, to boot!). I think my favorite design is probably the designer who created your christmas card – I believe you blogged about her stationary long ago. Great minds, eh?

  5. Tabitha M.P.

    I love the journals at Minted! I want one to document all the changes in my life as I go through the rest of my time in college and beyond! I love that they can be personalized! Super cute!

  6. Sophee

    I love the Doodlebook and the Sweet Baby Animals! Also your Christmas card is adorable, mine is definitely of my dogs as well :)

  7. Sweet Life Laur

    My boyfriend proposed while we were getting our Christmas card photos taken on Sunday! Minted has so many options, it’s hard to choose…I love all the ones with the colored backs. I also think the falalalala… ones are adorable!

  8. Megan Gibson

    I would use it for some Christmas cards, I love so many of their designs that it would be hard to choose! Maybe a journal or two as well :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. Ami

    I love Minted and its designs. My favorite holiday card is the Type Collage Holiday Non-Photo. Sums up my exact sentiments about the holiday season! :)

  10. Alison

    Great giveaway as I am in need of Christmas cards :-) I am really loving the tree holiday non photo card and the peace on earth wreath card…so many choices..

  11. Gabriella

    I am purchasing their personalized notebooks for everyone from my teenybopper cousin to my gal pals. Love leafing through the designs and deciding which to gift!

  12. Kristina

    Oh you big meanie – choosing a favourite design is like choosing between chocolate and cake for me – I just can’t pick one!!! I love it all!!!

  13. Laura G.

    i hope it’s not wrong, but i’m a 32 year old woman who wants a few of this personalized childrens’ stationeries. especially the spring blossoms print and some of the animal ones.

  14. Kate

    I love the Punchy Wreath, Grey Stripe and In the Garden journals. I also really like the Beautifully Penned business/calling cards, and the Fling stationery. Pretty and useful. Just the way I like it!

  15. Cristina C.

    I’m putting one of these notebooks on my Christmas list for sure! A small book like this would be perfect for taking notes at my new job, and since it’s personalized it’ll never be lost! Love your Christmas card, those are some handsome men!

  16. Amanda

    These are so cute and creative! I love the Mistletoe Merry Christmas Photo Card!!! Perfect for this holiday season!

  17. Elizabeth

    I couldn’t want to win a giveaway more! We LOVE Minted. Love the “vintage photograph holiday photo cards”!

  18. Jessica

    My faves are the notebooks – in particular Wildflowers, Le Jardin, 21st Century Girl, and Life in Words. So cute!

  19. Christina K.

    I would love some of the basic, personalized stationery as a gift for my darling boyfriend. (Love letters on notebook paper aren’t quite the same.)

  20. Sarah WJ

    OH. WOW… Alfred and Wallace look SO dapper!

    OBSESSED with Minted! Loving the “simple merry” cards for our picture, though the journals are awesome as well!

    Fingers crossed…

  21. Leah

    I am getting married next October to the love of my life! Minted has some adorable save the dates!

    P.S. Alfie and Wallace look perfectly handsome! Congrats on your first holiday cards as a family of 4. :)

  22. Shannon

    My son loves journals for writing and doodling; I would love to surprise him with the Boulders or Music Notes journal!

  23. Jennie

    Love all things minted (getting ready to order my Christmas cards from them for the second year in a row) and I’m crazy about the new notebooks!

  24. Jessica

    As a pug owner, I must say that your Christmas card is absolutely adorable!

    I love the ‘Big and Merry Holiday Photo Cards’…there’s just something about large, clean serif type that gets me every time. I also like the ‘Handlettered Merry Merry Holiday Photo Cards’ and ‘Making Spirits Bright Holiday Photo Cards’ designs.

  25. Amy

    I love the Gallery Peace + Gallery Classic Photo Cards as well as the Haberdashery + Crosby Street journals. All are adorable!

  26. Elissa

    After hemming and hawing for a indecisive 20 minutes I’ve decided that #1 it’s impossible to pick just one favorite Minted design and that #2 if you’re really going to ask me to pick just one it’s going to have to be the rosy dream journal in blush. Or…maybe the warm winter scarves holiday card. Hmmm…

  27. Danielle

    I love the anchor moving cards; especially since I’m hoping to move to a new apartment this upcoming summer!

  28. Hilary

    I adore Minted, their stuff is so très chic.
    My favorites this year are the wintry pine, making spirits bright, and varsity holiday cards, and of course, the darling notebooks—ANY of them.

  29. Teri W.

    I would love to win the vintage typography photo cards. I would love to send out pictures of the kids making Christmas cookies- we always have such fun!

  30. Elizabeth

    The “Wildflowers” makes me feel dreamy, the “Fields of Waves” is like Narnia’s Prince Caspian & there are several cool graphic/shapes/car options for my brother about to graduate. Thank you!

  31. Michelle

    M favorite Mint holiday card is Merry and Bright Season by Pink Hippo prints. Love your card. How did you get your pups to pose so professionally?

  32. Gracie

    The typography inspirations journals and the tres chic journals are my personal picks. Perfect gifts for my girlfriends! A skinny wrap would do a simply adorable finishing touch.

    And oh, can’t wait to see the Matchbook December issue! :)

  33. Gina Jaber

    I love, love, love the cards by Minted! The red striped one is killer. I’m in the midst of struggling to pick a card for the family picture and wish I could afford these! Great post.
    Gina J.

  34. April R

    We received so many compliments on our “Happy Everything” holiday cards last year. I’m looking forward to placing an order this year/ So far I’m leaning towards the “smile evryone” cards. I love minted!

  35. Kelly

    I love that card with the wellies. But I would probably gift it to a friend that just had her third baby.

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