Another case of wanderlust…

I love to move about. I’m 25 and have lived in 9 different cities simply because I enjoy it so much. I currently live in California again and while I love my home state dearly I’m itching to try somewhere new when John graduates law school in a year and a half. My latest fixation? The South. I’m stuck on this crazy notion that I belong in Charleston or Wilmington or New Orleans… So my question to you dear readers, what cities do you love most in the South? I’m looking for somewhere with a more temperate climate (not too hot for the pugs, not too cold for me), some kind of city (doesn’t have to be huge, let’s say 40,000+), and of course, charming houses. I love the idea of buying a little fixer upper and having babies with southern accents! ;) Where would you recommend? Oh and I love specifics–cute neighborhoods, boutiques, etc. I’m a planner, can you tell?

P.S. The photos above were taken in Charleston of my darling friend Hanna by Charlotte Elizabeth for the May issue of Matchbook!

P.P.S. If I move to your city will you be my friend? Okay, phew! xoxo

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  1. Emily Aimone

    I’m born and raised in Savannah and it’s truly hard to beat. The shopping may be a bit better in Charleston (ok and maybe the music scene), but I think we’ve got the real charm! It’s where Southern hospitality originated – the Hostess City of the South :) don’t even get me started on the food…

  2. Hannah Maple

    You DO belong in Charleston!!! Oh Katie, you would just love it here. The art, the culture, the unbelievable array of delicious food…the beauty of the cityscape, the history, the waterfront, the charming, friendly people…the weather, the sunshine…the lure of the outdoor lifestyle. I moved here nearly two years ago, and my heart has been stolen–I’m staying! It’s really nothing less than amazing :)

  3. Monica Wooten

    You would absolutely love Charleston! While I was attending law school downtown, I lived across the bridge in Mount Pleasant. Next time you are in Charleston, take ten minutes and drive over to Mount Pleasant and visit the Old Village. There are beautiful homes, amazing restaurants, the best bakery in town and a fabulous boutique called Out of Time.

    However, if you’re looking for a great city with fabulous dining, fine arts, shopping and cooler weather, Greenville, SC is the place for you.

    Lastly, if you ever need a weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of Charleston, I highly recommend driving an hour north and visiting Georgetown, Pawleys Island and Murrells Inlet (where Hannah and I grew up!).

  4. Veronica D. Martin

    I think you should move to Miami, Pembroke Pines. Nice scenary and everything. Also it’s always hot no matter what season.

  5. Roxy

    Despite shamelessly entertaining a torrid love affair with NYC and currently calling it my home, I’m a southern, Carolina girl at heart. You just can’t beat the smell of salt on a Carolina shore so my Mr. and I plan on moving to Wrightsville Beach, NC once we’ve gotten the city slicker out of us ;) Although we aren’t foolin’ anyone with our southern accents!

  6. Darlene Folger

    do you have any idea the colors used in the teal house with black shutters in Charleston? Struggling getting just the right shade. Thank you for any idea!!!

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