Vintage Chanel Goodness

Did you know that Shopbop sells vintage Chanel?! I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but I nearly fainted when I discovered these beauties online today. They cost a pretty penny, but lord knows if I had extra around I’d be snapping one up as an “investment” (my favorite word when it comes to big ticket purchases…). I think it’s neat that they’re vintage so there’s just one of each! Which would you choose — one, two, or three?

10 comments on “Vintage Chanel Goodness

  1. Lisa

    Oh. My. Gosh!! SUCH a perfect investment piece! I would get #2 in a heartbeat if I had a few extra grand burning a hole in my pocket!

  2. a lovely being

    Ok, I have a confession: I’ve been thinking about gold charm bracelets (and scheming as to how I can get one) ever since I saw that photo on your blog the other day. My grandmother once had an amazing one from the ’40s that belonged to her grandmother… but she lost it! We can’t even talk about it because it makes us both sick. Anywho, I’m fairly certain that charm bracelets are the next rage. Must inform the trend consultant so he’s not left in the dust.

    x fallon

  3. pve

    I need the charm bracelet! I actually own some vintage chanel pieces that I bought in the 80’s! Wow, who knew the value had increased so.
    I have a necklace with a magnifying glass and some large clip on 4 leaf clovers…..and one with the double cc logo. Chanel is so classic and adds style to a simple skirt and t-neck.

  4. pretty pink tulips funny, just catching up on your posts. I did a post just this week on E Taylor’s charm bracelets up for auction and you won’t believe the resemblance in these!

    Love your new ornament. Happy tree decorating!! Just got ours finished tonight.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Mrs. O

    The beauty of Chanel is that it only goes up in value, especially after 10 years when it’s deemed “vintage”- this is the validation I give my husband every year right before Christmas!! :)

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