Delusional House Hunting

My new favorite form of procrastination? House hunting on Zillow. Never mind that we’re years away from buying, why would I let a a dreary slice of reality like that deter me? This morning I stumbled upon this house in Charleston, South Carolina — 7 Lamboll Street. I’m convinced I’d be quite happy there, yes, quite happy indeed.

11 comments on “Delusional House Hunting

  1. Olivia

    A great house – not far from me and WWB! Why are you looking in Charleston??? Next time you’re in town, come by Church Street for a cocktail on the porch! xo

  2. Joanne

    Beautiful!!!! Love the architectural details throughout–the subway tile in the kitchen is a smart touch!

  3. {be merry} kate

    I just went to the link on zillow. LOVE the house. Also love seeing my daddy’s face on the side as one of the agents. ;)

    We often procrastinate at work by looking up houses downtown. My friends here in Pittsburgh are always blown away by them!



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