My 2012 Resolutions

1. Put my “face on” every morning even if I work from home and my only co-workers are pugs (grandmother says its important for one’s morale, she’s right…)

2. Decorate and publish our apartment. It’s teeny tiny, but I love a good challenge.

3. Tumble, pin, and tweet every day. I started a personal tumblr and I have 3 followers (kinda a big deal)!

4. Give the Neo-Trad a face lift. Safe to say I’ve outgrown the chevron. Makeover already in the works, terribly excited :)

5. Take more pictures. I am obsessed with instagram.

6. Go to at least one museum each month. I work a lot. In 2012 I vow to step away from my desk more often and seek out new inspiration.

7. Grow into THE online destination for our fellow ballet flat/Jane Austen/polka dot/champagne cocktail-loving friends. We have lofty dreams on this front, just you wait!!!

8. Save up all my pennies and go to Paris. It’s my happy place and I could use a week of lounging at sidewalk cafes, lingering over beautiful paintings, and strolling along the Seine.

 What are your resolutions my dear readers???

32 comments on “My 2012 Resolutions

  1. Sandee

    Great goals! I love giving things a facelift in a new year! My house and my blog could sure use one. Paris would be nice too!
    Happy new year and thanks for all you do to inspire us!

  2. Catie

    What beautiful resolutions! And your Tumblr is doing better than mine so far. ;-)
    Love Matchbook! Keep up the gorg inspiration!

  3. Lauren McP

    Well, you’ve already got the Matchbook one covered :)

    I’m trying out one new restaurant every week of this year. Toronto has so many fab spots to eat, but I always find myself at the same ones. Time to switch things up a bit!

  4. Katie

    Can I make all your resolutions my resolutions… I guess that would be weird. Mine:
    1. Not care (as much…) about what other people think.
    2. Cook more.
    3. Organize my life a teeny bit better.

  5. sharon

    i love your resolutions (: i totally get what you mean about the followers. i just got on pinterest and have one follower! i was super excited. hehe, happy new year dear! here’s to a great one !

  6. Sarah Antweiler

    Those are fabulous resolutions! And ours is also to save pennies for a Paris anniversary…our 10th! I just adore Paris!
    And I love that you posted a picture of Eloise. My little girl, Ella, has just recently seen one of those cartoons and was smitten. (It was the Christmas one…she wasn’t quite as precocious and obnoxious as I remember her from one of the books)

  7. Emily

    These are great! I’m hoping to live within my means in 2012. Not just with money, but relationships, emotionally, physically and in work!

    Best wishes as you go into 2012!

  8. Anne (the daily a)

    I am hoping to run my first half marathon this year, too! I also like your resolution about visiting one museum a month. Your blog is lovely, and I’m sure the redesign will be stunning!

  9. Maggie Rose

    My list includes the usual suspects (exercise, eat healthy, enjoy my hobbies). We’re also planning to do a museum each month (got an Entertainment coupon book as a gift so we’ll be cashing those in!).

    And my “dream big” goal is to finish decorating our apartment, then have it and my business featured in Matchbook! September issue, anyone? Fingers crossed to making that happen!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Libby B.

    I am definitely a resolutions kindred spirit! I hope you make it to Paris– I would love to follow along with the packing, planning, and recaps!

  11. Kelly Market

    Katie, my kindred spirit! I could literally publish this list, insert marathon here and remove magazine there. Can check off blog makeover today (phew!). Moving onto putting my “face on” and stepping away from the desk….definitely going to be a bigger and brighter 2012!

    xx Kelly

    p.s. my boyfriend is even in law school : )
    p.p.s. AND I just started a Tumblr….I only have 2 followers though :)

  12. Tabitha

    Oh I struggle with number one too, my mum is 90 and puts her make up on and her rollers in every singe morning at 6.00am. Old school beauty!

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