Just popping in to say hello and apologize for having been MIA since New York (which was busy and lovely as always)! Things have been a bit nutty with Matchbook’s anniversary issue going live this week (yippee!!!). I hope you’ll forgive me! In the meantime I’ve been making more of an effort to tweet and tumble — a quick way to keep in touch. More soon! xx

P.S. Don’t you just die for the Cole & Son wallpaper above? I can’t wait to have it in my future home ;)

8 comments on “Hello!

  1. brittany barney

    hello you!!! ive been meaning to tell you im so impressed with everything you have done with matchbook. i am in love with it, and so happy and proud of you for following your dreams and sticking to it! you are truly an inspiration to us all, and have always been my fav blog buddy!!! yay for you!!

  2. Cate

    and where will that future home be Katie ?
    Have you zoned in on a southern city yet ?
    I’m moving from LA to DC this summer. We’ll be living outside of DC in Middleburg, VA.
    Former homes of Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O … not too bad.
    But something about the south just calls to me.
    Warm weather, fried chicken, magnolias … I now I will end up there one day.

  3. Cate

    I “Know” I will end up there one day… sorry the editor in me kicked in :)
    Great job on Matchbook btw – really love it !

  4. Ann

    Katie, just wanted to drop a quick note to say that it’s so nice to see you and Matchbook do so well! Matchbook is so well thought out and put together – I’m amazed every time an issue is released! :)

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