Life Lately

Thought a little life update was in order. Let’s see…I’m still obsessed with my pugs. I’m still searching for the perfect coral lipstick. And I’ve officially begun sprucing my apartment for feature in Matchbook. Let the decorating begin!

(photos via Instagram, follow me: katiearmour)

8 comments on “Life Lately

  1. Cate

    Katie I bet you create the best inspiration boards at your house.
    Looking forward to seeing your digs in the next issue ! Great idea.

    ps: do pugs really snore like everyone says they do?

  2. Sarah O'Brien

    You’re going to feature your home in Matchbook, ok not only am I always excited for what’s in store for the newest Matchbook; but this news makes me want to jump up and down. Gorgeous lamp in picture number four :)

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