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  1. Reggie Darling

    We once had an enormous male rabbit as a pet when I was a boy. He was given to my sister by a neighbor, and was named Bunny Prince Charlie. We shortly found out why it is the neighbor gave it away, as the rabbit (no bunny, he) was a huge, unruly, and rather volent rodent! He didn’t last all that long with us, either…

    I suggest that it is better to enjoy a cute bunny in a photo shoot such as the one you’ve shared with your lucky readers than to have a big, uncontrollable rabbit to contend with! Reggie

  2. Camille

    One of my best friends’ teacher has a Flemish Giant and she raised it like a cat. So it walks around her house and sits on her lap when she’s watching television. It is the cutest thing ever!

  3. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    On a recent picnic at the park, I saw a woman with a bunny on a leash, a couple with a cat on a leash and another woman with a small dog on a leash. It was quite special.

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