9 comments on “Card Carrying Chic

  1. Amy

    Thanks for sharing this photo. I love YSL’s designs, and have been eyeing their wallets for sometime. This card-carrying piece is such a wonderful pop of color, and what I imagine to be the perfect conversation starter at any networking event.


  2. Lily Bart

    Ann and Sid Mashburn! Oh, this is happiness! Thank you for your Matchbook feature of this awesome couple.

  3. kristen

    definitely splurge. plus. its basically still your birthday.
    i just bought the cutest gold card carrier at kate spade. love it.

  4. Katarina

    I absolutely adore your blog :)
    Gorgeous photos and very cozy to visit :)
    I just got a lovely white leather business cards holder in Amsterdam recently.

    La Kat

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