Monthly Archives: May 2012

Forever Piece: The Bone Cuff

Are there certain pieces of jewelry that you have your heart set on owning someday? I have a short list of spectacular pieces I covet and on it is the Tiffany & Co. bone cuff designed by Elsa Peretti. I love the asymmetric shape and the fact it makes a bold statement while still feeling delicate. I’ve always admired the old photos of Vreeland and Chanel in their bejeweled Verdura cuffs, but the simplicity of the bone cuff seems more “me.” Time to start saving my pennies…

New York, New York

A glimpse of my week in New York via my instagrams (my username is simply “katiearmour” should you care to follow along…). Highlights included yummy dinners with friends in the village, the Maira Kalman exhibit at the Julie Saul Gallery, my ritual visit to John Derian’s brilliantly curated gem of a shop, a laughter filled lunch with the so-chic-it-kills-me Marissa Webb, perusing the used art books at the Strand, a viewing of Moonrise Kingdom, late night chats with my little brother and his adorable boyfriend, and so much more. My last morning I rose early and strolled up to the Met for the Prada/Schiaparelli exhibit. I don’t think anything beats a long walk, coffee in hand, watching the city wake up. Panting pups in the park, a bespectacled gentleman in a bow tie reading The Times, a curious fellow intensely power walking with his headphones…while smoking a cigar and drinking a Cherry Coke. Oh New York, you always pull me right back in.

Chance Heads West

While in New York this past week Jane and I had the pleasure of attending the Chance preview at Barneys. The new “California collection” was just as brilliant as I’d hoped — Julia Leach, the company’s creative director and founder, nailed west coast chic. I was particularly charmed by this “Saturday” beach towel and her collaboration with artist Elliott Puckette on some fabulous hand drawn striped shirts. Thanks for having us, Julia! The collection certainly won this California girl’s heart :)