Elliott Puckette

I dream of the day I own a big piece by Brooklyn-based artist Elliott Puckette. She covers wood panels with gesso, stains them with ink, and then etches the most lovely lines — elegant, yet crisp — with a razor blade. Sometimes she draws the lines in chalk first. These days she’s taken to covering the backgrounds in fields of teeny tiny dots. I learned from this great article that she grew up in a rather academic family in the mountains of Tennessee. Most of her four siblings wound up in math-related fields, but she chose art. I’m so very glad she did.

(images courtesy of the Paul Kasmin Gallery)

5 comments on “Elliott Puckette

  1. Emily

    Puckette’s pieces are breathtaking – I can’t stop staring at them. Thanks for introducing me to such an amazing artist – I’ve been researching her work all afternoon.

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