Olatz + The Bowery Hotel

Whenever I see photos of the Olatz linens in The Bowery Hotel my heart skips a beat. So darn chic. I’ve dined at Gemma on occasion, but never stayed in the hotel itself. One of these days I must if only to touch the linens (and bring home a teddy bear souvenir…!).

(photography: 1/ Fashion Chalet, 2/ candid of Alexa Chung, 3/ Bowery Hotel Blog, 4/ David Colman for New York Magazine, 5/ MsRebeccaW, 6/ Barbara Hvidt + Jan Gleie, 7/ Dany-Mimi8/ Project Hot Air Balloon)


5 comments on “Olatz + The Bowery Hotel

  1. Becca

    Oh – Olatz bedding is pure luxury! These photos are great. I have a pen and a notepad from the Bowery but have never stayed there.

  2. Melissa

    The Bowery is the kind of hotel room I imagine checking in to for the weekend and never leaving the bed – it’s on my ‘must visit’ list too!

  3. Kristen

    Does anyone know how to purchase the bowery bed linen? With the embroidery? I have seen people with it in their private homes. Do I have to contact the hotel directly?

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