NY Exhibits

I fly to New York on Sunday and am so looking forward to catching some exhibits while in town. I’m particularly eager to see the Ellsworth Kelly drawings at the Met and Avedon murals at the Gagosian. Do let me know of any other exhibits you’d recommend!

P.S. This is so silly, but I always find an excuse to buy the exhibit book. Do you? It makes for the best souvenir :)

12 comments on “NY Exhibits

  1. Dana Gault

    I do purchase the exhibit book, often without getting to view the exhibit. My favorite souvenir by far!

  2. Christine

    It’s not silly at all to buy the exhibition catalogue! As an art historian, I know that it takes a lot of work to produce them, and they (generally) contain very good scholarship, written by curators or professors with PhDs in their field.

    And check out the Morgan Library – Venetian Renaissance drawings and Ellsworth Kelly sculpture! Hope you enjoy.

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