16 comments on “In my next life…

  1. Teresa

    And with the pixie cut? Oh lala, France must brace itself for some serious charm ;). :katienextlifewillbeohsoexciting: :D

    Something in this look makes you wish for Autumn with lazy but comfy walks around Montmartre or lounging under the weak sun at Jardin des Tuileries.

    Have Fun, Ma Chère!

  2. Kim

    When I lived in France, the first few weeks I saw this gorgeous French girl on the train going back to my apartment often. She had such a striking face. Turns out she lived on the same floor as me in the student apartment complex and we became best friends. I felt super blessed because she is even MORE beautiful to be friends with!

  3. Courtney Elizabeth

    I wish I could pull off oversized cable knit, but I fear I would come off as Rory in that episode of Gilmore Girls (“What’s with the muumuu?”). On her, though, c’est tres chic!

  4. Ellegentsia

    Sadly I gave away my best cable knit sweater… it was lovely, but you really do have to be a twig to not just look frumpy in it.

    I’m content though, skinny girls can’t pull off some things my curves can. We’ve all got our strengths.

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  5. Beck and Cilla

    When I lived in France, the girls wore big white button-down shirts over skinny black pants and ballet flats.

    I can’t tell you how many times I saw this! But I like this look, too.

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