A big announcement…

We’re moving to New York in three weeks! I can’t wait to get lost in far corners of The Met, see plays with my little brother, and establish a proper Matchbook headquarters (hip hip hooray!). I’m flying out on Sunday to find an apartment so if you know of a pug-friendly studio or one-bedroom in your building I’d love to hear (katie@theneotraditionalist.com)! Oh and do say hello in the comments if you’re a New Yorker — I can’t wait to meet all of you!

P.S. I’ll be publishing our current apartment in Matchbook’s upcoming August issue. I hope you like it! Leaving the San Francisco bay will be bittersweet indeed.

“When I first saw New York I was twenty, and it was summertime, and I got off a DC-7 at the old Idlewild temporary terminal in a new dress which had seemed very smart in Sacramento but seemed less smart already…” -Joan Didion

(image: Andy and Edie in front of the Empire State Building)

72 comments on “A big announcement…

  1. John V Buckley III

    Kate-So amazing-I am so Happy for you!!! New York is wonderful-You should know my friend Oliver Brown with Sotheby’s Real Estate-He may have a lead on an apartment via word of mouth. I’ll give you a shout when I come to the city! Congrats!!! XOX, John

  2. Jess Davis

    Hey Katie! We just moved to New York as well from LA. We lived in Brooklyn before but that was before my blogging days and before my new adventure into being my own boss. Would love to connect with you and other design geeks in the city!

  3. Becca

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting.
    I live in Brooklyn, and love NY! I agree that you should consider Brooklyn when apartment hunting. I love it!

  4. Holly Guertin

    That’s so exciting! Best wishes on your move. I can’t wait to see what Matchbook Mag HQ will bring!! I wish I was from NYC so I could help you more :)

  5. Devon Shea

    Congratulations! New York City is one of my favorite places in the world and I cannot wait to get back there myself. Good luck with the apartment search… there is no market more crazy than that of NYC.

  6. Decor Arts Now

    I LOVE that you are going to be in my area!!
    Anything we can do to help??
    What will your husband be doing?
    Is he all set? (if not my hubs knows EVERYBODY in legal community). I can also ask him to check with associates re apartments. Email or DM me with budget if you like.
    PS: I will be at our house in Montauk when you arrive (feel like a day or two at the beach?)
    I have a little giftie for you for helping me with Bartow-Pell and now I don’t have to wait till High Point to give it to you. :D

  7. Kelsey

    Such an exciting move! My husband and I moved out here 2 years ago for him to go to law school and me to design, and we LOVE it. We recently moved to the Upper West Side, which I absolutely suggest looking into. We live on a beautiful, tree-lined street, only a block away from Central Park… it’s pretty magical. :) Good luck!

  8. Olivia

    I’ve been a New Yorker my whole life and LOVE matchbook. I’m going into my sophomore year at UT Austin as a journalist major with a focus on digital arts and media. If you are taking interns next summer in your new offices, I would LOVE to be considered!

  9. Agatha

    I’m a New Yorker, going on year 4, still so much to see- wonder if I’ll ever get tired of it… Doubtful. Excited to see what cool places you uncover with your new permanent resident status! Maybe Matchbook will host a NYC blogger/design conference? :) what fun that would be! Congrats and best of luck with move!!

  10. rikshaw design

    what no don’t leave the west coast!!!! i have barely seen you!! would love to see you before you leave!

  11. Soyoung

    Welcome to New York! My husband and I have been here for about a year and a half and we’re having loving it. Love your blog and Matchbook Mag – looking forward to hearing about your NYC adventures!

  12. Audrey

    Welcome to New York! Would love to have you come see my show, “Old Jews Telling Jokes!” I’m a huge fan of yours. Check out oldjewstellingjokesonstage.com Best of luck with the apartment search!

  13. Leslie

    I am a long time follower of your site and am so happy to hear you are bound for NYC. If you are interested in downtown, the buidling I am in is fabulous and VERY dog friendly–dog park less than a block away. I am a little late on this but if you have not found a place, e mail me and I can get you details. Good luck!

  14. Josslynn

    I recently moved to NY as well and I love it! San Francisco is also one of my favorite places! I hope you LOVE NY!!

    josslynn nicole


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