Princess of the Polka Dots

While in New York next week I’m hoping to check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Whitney. Known as the “Princess of the Polka Dots,” the Japanese avant-garde painter/poet/sculptor/designer recently collaborated with Louis Vuitton. The retrospective began at the Tate Modern in London and I’m so pleased it’s crossed the pond. Have you seen it? …curious to hear your thoughts!

8 comments on “Princess of the Polka Dots

  1. Amy

    I was lucky enough to see this show at the Tate in April, and it was wonderful. Exciting, fun, and also very insightful and personal. Highly enjoyable for the connoisseur and art newbie alike.

  2. lily

    I saw a retrospective of her in Wellington, NZ winter 2010 – it was fantastic! I’m sure with LV in the mix it’s bound to be even better now

  3. mona

    Princess of the Polka Dots, indeed – her art is fascinating! I’m going to take a look at more of her work when I go down to the Tate Modern this December.

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