Windy Day in the Park

Jane and I recently had portraits taken by our lovely friend Rima Campbell in Central Park and these outtakes made me smile. It was so windy on Fifth Avenue I feared we might blow away… In other news, our future apartment (we found a place, phew!) is on the Upper East Side so I’ll be living a short walk from this beautiful spot very soon. Off to finish packing!

P.S. Any audio book recommendations for our cross-country adventure? We’re driving with the pugs and I’m quite excited to see Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa… ;)

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  1. Kathleen

    I’ve listened to some great audiobooks this summer! I’d recommend: “Bossypants” (hilarious to hear Tina Fey narrate), “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling (Kelly from “The Office), “I Feel Bad About My Neck” by Nora Ephron, and “Drop Dead Healthy” by A.J. Jacobs (which is much funnier and more interesting than the title might seem).

  2. Kate

    Pretty much anything by David Sedaris would be hilarious. If you can find the short “Rooster at the Hitchin’ Post” or “Me Talk Pretty One Day” you will laugh your way across the country. Have a GREAT time!

  3. Lauren

    Congrats on finding a place! The upper east side is great! And Carl Schulz Park is perfect for your pups if you’re up in the high 70s to 80s. The UES is where I began my blog working on my apartment on 90th street then my next on 88th. We’re in back in Brooklyn now but I think you’ll love it there. So convenient and going to the MET on the weekend for a an hour or so to just pop in was the best. There’s nothing like it!

    Congrats and if you’re ever up for connecting let me know.

  4. Meg

    Welcome to the UES! I’m sure you’ll love it – we’ve been having something of a renaissance of late, and you can actually get a good cocktail up here now. It’s kind of amazing.

    As for audio books, I’ve heard wonderful things about the new Claire Danes-narrated A Handmaid’s Tale.

  5. chelsea horsley

    I’m so happy you found a place! I don’t have much on book tapes, however I am taking it upon myself to give you a couple must-see places to stop in Utah. Like I said at the airport, I’m from Utah, and minus the past 3 years I’ve lived there my entire life. It’s beautiful!

    If you arrive in the AM, you have to stop by Bruges Waffles and Frites on Broadway. Best breakfast treat you’ll ever have. You’ll have to venture off the route a little into Salt Lake City, but it’ll be worth it, for the food and to see the city a bit.

    If you don’t make it for breakfast and are in Utah and hungry for lunch or dinner, find the closest Cafe Rio (there are several) and order their pork salad, with house dressing. This, I’m certain of. The restaurant will do nothing for you, but I think the salad will. Utahns are obsessed with this place!

    Since you’ll pass the exit to Park City, you might as well stop to take a look-see. Main street is so charming and the mountains/fresh air up there is amazing. It would be a really pretty pit stop if anything.

    Good Luck,
    Chelsea (airport friend:)

  6. Ashley

    I second the Tina Fey “Bossypants” recommendation. The book takes on a whole new dimension when Tina Fey is actually reading it to you. Welcome to NYC!

  7. cate hannum

    these pictures are darling and i love your polish. my favorite book is “this side of paradise” if you’ve never read it you should try to find it on tape. but it might not be lighthearted enough for a road trip…

  8. Melissa

    Definitely Bossypants! Also loved Eat, Pray, Love (and my husband enjoyed it too). Good luck on the move!

  9. Gina

    “Bossypants” is a must. I agree with the other two, Tina Fey is excellent narrating the book. You will find yourself laughing out loud. “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” by Rob Lowe is also wonderful. “Roccoco” by Adriana Trigiani is a fun listen. Have fun and be safe. Enjoy your new adventure.

  10. madeline

    your blog is lovely!

    I love to listen to podcasts from “This American Life” whenever I’m in the car. They’re great for roadtrips too because you get so many perspectives on what “American life” truly is.

  11. Helen

    Kate, I LOVE your denim jacket? Where did you get it? It’s the perfect fit and shade…


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