15 comments on “Week One

  1. Sarah

    Echoing Mack here: I simply can’t wait to be n the city myself. I especially love the white-haired miss in front of the movie theater. So perfect. See you tomorrow!

  2. marni zarr

    hi katie, i just finished my first round of the latest issue of matchbook magazine. your west coast apartment had such a clean chic look. i’m excited to see what you have in store on the east coast. love this month’s issue as always. my mom and dad saw the alfred hitchcock movie “marnie” when she was pregnant with me… dropped the “e” and here i am :)

  3. Chloe

    I love following your blog Kate! It seems like you are just made for New York :)
    What’s the Mr. going to be up to while you are there?
    Hopefully one day our paths will cross again!

  4. chelsea horsley

    Oh I just love the Frick. I’ll be taking a vacation there in a few weeks and can’t wait to go there again. Any other insider scoops I shouldn’t miss out on? (I’ll be there alone the entire first day, and dreaming about what to do alone in New York?!)

  5. Annie

    Welcome to NYC! Love your blogs, matchbook mag and your style aesthetic (not to mention the pugs!) Maybe our paths will cross in the city one day, most likely at Laduree!

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