Columbia Road

Ever since I happened upon Shini’s gorgeous photos of her trip to the Columbia Road Flower Market I’ve been longing for a trip to London. Now that I’m in New York it’s just a quick skip across the pond. Must make this happen…

2 comments on “Columbia Road

  1. Lori

    Gorgeous pics! I love London; I am always longing for a trip!
    Loving your blog, which I found from a Rifle blog link.

  2. A Girl, A Style

    I adore Shini’s blog too, and can confirm that Columbia Road is as fun as she makes it look (complete with more flowers than you could hope for, charming vintage boutiques, teeny coffee and cake shops and cockney flower sellers who always call you ‘darlin!’). If you want another peek, here’s my post on the very same place:

    And that hop across the Atlantic definitely has your name on it!

    Briony xx

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