Chez Leelee

The home features in Vogue never disappoint and the latest on Leelee Sobieski is no exception. I just love the warm, modern space — plus, Leelee’s stunningly chic wardrobe is cause for a serious girl crush. The actress lives in the Tribeca loft with her husband, designer Adam Kimmel, and their adorable daughter, Louisanna (great name, right?). The first shot with Leelee in Rochas in front of those sky high bookcases? I die.

(photographs by Jason Schmidt for Vogue)

6 comments on “Chez Leelee

  1. Modeana

    Ah Katie, The only thing missing is that Louisiana is not wearing one of Modeana’s dresses! Then not only her mom’s, but her wardrobe would be complete!

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