I just about died when I stumbled upon these photos of The Cherry Blossom girl at Monet’s home and garden, Giverny. I’ve had the good fortune to visit Paris many times, but I’ve never voyaged northwest to see them — this must be remedied! Field trip, anyone?

P.S. Of course she has the Chloé boots I have been madly in love with for ages… They really are perfection. Someday!

15 comments on “Giverny

  1. Olivia

    These are such gorgeous photos! I’ve wanted to go to Giverny ever since our teacher showed us photos in kindergarten (Joys of French school? Weeks devoted to Monet!) but someone have never been able to make the expedition when in Paris.

  2. Modeana

    Kate, can you believe I’ve never been to Paris? I’ll have to tell you about it sometime. But when you’re serious about that little field trip to Giverny, sign me up! Every time I get a post from Monet’s Garden my heart skips a little beat.
    So glad you’re keeping your resolution and the NeoTraditionalist is back in my morning mail!

  3. emmakisstina

    OH I’ve been, and it seriously was like a dream, as if you stepped into one of Monet’s paintings. Especially adored the water lily garden which was stunning (as you see here.). I was even there on a gray rainy day and it was gorgeous. Recommend! xo Kristina

  4. Sivy

    I have been to Paris twice! But never made it out to Giverny, I really must remedy that.
    Around 18 – 20 years ago, I went to an art show somewhere in the San Francisco area with my Aunt Joanie. I can’t remember anything else but walking into the show and it was all Monet water lilies. The paintings were paired with photographs from the era showing the same view. It was just so stunning. It also included a replica of the bridge, which my Aunt took one look at, turned to me and said “MUST BUILD”.
    (And my favorite bit from my ancient past as an art historian: the occasional brown smudges on some of the water lily paintings? Cataracts! Monet painted EXACTLY what he saw, so when he developed cataracts late in his life, they started to appear in his paintings.)

  5. Savvy in San Francisco

    These are stunning! This must be remedied for us as well next time we visit Paris! It is truly like you are stepping into Monet’s paintings. Magical! I remember how in awe I was when I first saw a Monet painting at the Musee D’Orsay.

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