Miranda Brooks’ Brooklyn Abode

I have been watching Vogue.com like a hawk waiting for big, beautiful images of Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard’s home to appear and at long last, they’re here! The stylish landscape designer and architect live in Brooklyn with their two daughters, Violette Grey and Poppy (could they be any cuter?). From the bedroom’s custom de Gournay wallpaper to the charming bunny den in the backyard the entire property has me weak in the knees. Someday, Katie, someday…!

(photography by Fran├žois Halard for Vogue)

10 comments on “Miranda Brooks’ Brooklyn Abode

  1. Dana McDowell

    I was casually flipping through that issue in the check-out line and once I saw this spread I knew I had to buy it. Love those little girls’ bedrooms.

  2. Sean

    I’ve been doing the same, you don’t even know! I’ve kept my print issue too, though, so I can cut it out for my inspiration binder – where it’ll go right next to her wedding!

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