Let’s Move to London…

I just about died when I stumbled upon this real estate listing on RDuJour. Who wants to move to London with me? Okay, so the £8,500,000 price tag may be a bit steep, but just look at the space! I love all the architectural details and cozy grey paint job. A girl can dream…

(see the full listing here…)

13 comments on “Let’s Move to London…

  1. Alexis

    I have wanted to move to London forever and it is part of my 10 year plan. I call dibs on this place now.

  2. Betty Baker

    Hi- I am sorry to hear about your divorce – I have been following you forever and have been wondering about no mention of John. Live your life to the fullest and yes – go ahead and buy that gorgeous home in England. I will gladly come and visit when you do. Betty from Canada

  3. Penguin

    Oh, *squee*! That library, with a cosy spot to read in front of the fire *and* a window seat for daydreaming and dozing. All it needs is a cat (or, perhaps, a pug…) and an endless supply of tea…

  4. Ashley

    I live in London – the space is what you’re paying millions for. My closet in New York was bigger than my bedroom in London… You get used to it, though!

  5. Nina: Anything et Everything

    I agree with Ashley – homes here in London are tiny! My husband and I were very lucky to find a decent-sized townhouse slightly outside of London, but now we’re happily looking forward to more space with our new move to Dubai next month! x

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