A Lovely Lobby

I always pass by this gorgeous residential lobby on Third Avenue and admire the handpainted wallpaper. This afternoon I finally gathered up the courage to ask the doorman permission to snap some photos and to my surprise, he said yes! Isn’t it stunning? I love the handsome green tufted furniture against the floral Gracie-covered walls. A little slice of heaven on the upper east side.

(images via my iPhone)

8 comments on “A Lovely Lobby

  1. emmakisstina

    Oh Katie, so glad you got the courage to take these photos. I’ve been obsessed with creating wallpaper designs as of late, and this was just so inspiring! I’m not even much of a green lover. xoxo

  2. MG

    I lived in this building for years and you wouldn’t believe how many people complained about the decoration of the lobby. Guess there really is no accounting for taste!

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