For The Boys

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it might be fun to picks some goodies for the boys. A roundup of my very favorites…

ROW 1: Watch / Bacon Wallet / Vans iPhone Case
ROW 2: Fox Statue / Dot Sweatshirt / Philippe Starck Headphones
ROW 3: Aviator Hat / Franz Klein Poster / Flask
ROW 4: Brass Turtle Shell / Gingham Tie / Fox Socks

And a few more…!

ROW 1: Mr. Porter Paperback / Decanter / Fingerless Gloves
ROW 2: Bike Neckerchief / Striped Braces / Geek Sweatshirt
ROW 3: Tortoise Frame / Needlepoint Card Case / Winston Shades
ROW 4: Polaroid Instant Camera / Dot Boxers / Pretzel Knot Tote

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