The Bob




As much as I love my pixie, Karlie Kloss’ recent chop has me seriously reconsidering the bob. I had one for years and it was one of my favorite cuts. Time to try it again…? Any tips for growing out short hair…?

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9 comments on “The Bob

  1. Alyssa

    One of my friends went from a pixie to a bob and the whole process is about frequent haircuts to prevent the mullet!

    I think this cut would look amazing on you!


  2. Megan

    I find it easiest to let the bangs grow out, and then grow out the back. This will avoid a mullet-y mess and the transition from pixie to bob will be the most graceful. Having patience is the hardest part.

  3. katg123

    I grew out a cute pixie a few years ago. Alyssa is right. Haircuts are important. So is having about a year to get to the bob. Also, don’t get tricked into using bangs as a way to help the awkward phases — ask your stylist to help you figure out cute ways to pin the front. It’s harder to grow out bangs than a pixie!

  4. Haley Wilson

    I’m obsessed with her hair too! I started growing my pixie out last year and I didn’t think the process was that bad. My hair was as short as yours and my advice is to keep the back short, just the part along the bottom of your neck, while the sides grow out. If you don’t keep the back short you’ll get a mullet look. Once the sides/bangs are longer you can do the Michelle Williams trick and tuck it behind your ears until the sides are the same length as the back.

    Even though I love your pixie I can’t wait to see the new cut!

  5. Karlissa Maree

    In Sep 2012 I had a short back and sides (very similar to your cut) by mid Feb, i had a short shaggy bob that required either product or pins.. I’m currently at the stage where I can iron it into a cute bob. Do not cut your bangs (EVER) and keep the hair at your neckline very short.. The process isn’t so bad. Excited to see you with a bob!

  6. Dana McDowell

    I feel you. I have shorty hair right now, and I’m already dreaming of longer lengths (just chopped it in December)! I’d be nice if you documented your transition a bit…once you have it figured out, that is =)

  7. Heather

    It almost looks as if Karlie was inspired by Calista’s cut in the post below! Karlie’s hair is adorable.

  8. juliet

    i’ve heard a product called hair fertilizer works wonders! it’s all natural and you can get it from the drug store… i think. i heard about it from a youtube beauty guru who grew out a pixie in no time at all. good luck!

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