Becoming Marilyn…







I’m completely mesmerized by these photos of actress Michelle Williams morphing into Marilyn Monroe for her roll in My Week With Marilyn. They were captured on set by photographer Brigitte Lacombe and featured on Nowness. I thought she was absolutely brilliant in the role…did you?

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8 comments on “Becoming Marilyn…

  1. Chelsea

    That movie was incredible. Michelle Williams is kind of a genius, and I might be forced to watch Dawson’s creek to catch a glimpse of her there. :)

  2. Samantha

    gosh, these photos are just enrapturing. I was so fascinated by that little embroidered hanky. The “mole” part is the easy part … but what were the others? I did some googling and I guess this is the story (according to The Hollywood Reporter):

    “Still, there were days the details eluded them. So with a Sharpie pen, Williams wrote on the makeup mirror: “mole, teeth, tattoo” to remind them of Monroe’s famous beauty mark; to put the dental appliance over Williams’ crooked lower teeth; and to conceal the actress’ small tattoo of a heart on her wrist. “At the end of the shoot, I embroidered a little cloth for Jenny,” says Williams. “It said, ‘Mole, teeth, tattoo.’ ”

    as a forgetful person, I just love that.

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