Sofia Coppola’s New York Apartment






“My apartment is pretty calm and restrained. I like a clean white backdrop set off by masses and masses of pink peonies.” -Sofia Coppola

Yesterday I danced the night away to Phoenix at the Apollo theater and it got me thinking – just how cool are Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars? The couple’s old Nolita apartment above is pretty much perfection. They’ve since moved to the West Village, but I think this light-filled loft would suit me just fine. In her House & Garden feature (top image) Sofia noted, “I like to live with an uncluttered backdrop, to keep the focus on art.” A rather smart move when you’ve been collecting the likes of Elizabeth Peyton, Hemlut Newton, and William Klein since your teens. A girl can dream…

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6 comments on “Sofia Coppola’s New York Apartment

  1. Chelsea

    Maybe when I have beautiful art that I love, I can try and move in such a simple direction. I really love it. And yes, Sophia Coppola is cool in that perfect, effortless way. I just swoon for her.

  2. Donna

    Glad you enjoyed the Apollo – come again for our hip hop dance theater festival in June! We are the coolest place in town.

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