Artist Spotlight: Cecilia Paredes




I was immediately stunned by the work of artist Cecilia Paredes. Born in Peru, Cecilia currently resides in Philadelphia where her modern take on camouflage is making waves in the art world. Using body paint she and her assistants spend at times upwards of seven hours blending Cecilia into the most lovely surroundings. Can you imagine the patience and attention to detail required to get a single shot?!

(via the Tory blog)

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5 comments on “Artist Spotlight: Cecilia Paredes

  1. Elizabeth

    I remember seeing this on the Tory blog awhile ago, but so glad you reminded me of it. Really, so incredible!

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  2. eva

    stunning! i’ve never seen anything quite like it (maybe the scene in the addams family where christina ricci blends into the wall with her dress :)).

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