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Hi there! Thought it might be fun to share a weekly review of my escapades (aside from work and walking a chubby pug) here in New York. Let me know if it’s the least bit helpful!

– Brunch at Tipsy Parson in Chelsea to celebrate Cassandra’s arrival
Before Midnight at the Angelika (related to Julie Delpy’s character more than I’d like to admit…), yummy drinks at Mother’s Ruin on Spring Street, and dinner at Cafe Gitane (order the couscous)
– Launched Matchbook’s July issue with Amy Smilovic of Tibi on the cover. One of my very favorite people we’ve shot to date. Truly humble with killer style.
– Caught up with Mackenzie (adopted little sister, I give her terrible life advice…) over lunch at Maison Kayser followed by dessert at Ladurée (it’s a problem)
– Saw the fantastic Barbara Berger Fashion Jewelry exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design. Can’t remember the last time I felt so inspired. Swung by Bergdorfs on the walk home for “extra inspiration”…
– Cocktails on the 4th with my friend Brooke (my roommate when I was fourteen!)
– Was spoiled with dinner at Marea (still dreaming of the lobster and burrata dish…) followed by The Book of Mormon on Broadway (best surprise ever)
– Evening stroll up to Pip’s Place, a gluten-free bakery on 89th Street (I fell off the gluten-free wagon, but haven’t been feeling great – contemplating getting back on…thoughts?) and strolled Carl Schurz Park at sunset
– Rose early and walked to the Met. Stuck to the Egyptian and American wings.
– Joined my talented stylist friend Marina at Barneys to check out the shoe sale followed by brunch at Match 65 (where we pretend we’re in Paris…)
– Evening mass at St. Vincent de Ferrer (still searching for my inner Catholic school girl, do let me know if you find her…)

Have you been to any of these places? Would love to hear any highlights from your week!

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