Wednesday Wish List


Oh just some Wednesday wanting… Someday I’ll post an ensemble with some color, until then my tried and true favorite, black.

1// Bow Earrings (several colors, the black are my favorite) 2// Bow Bag (hello gorgeous!!!) 3// Gold Repetto Flats (because I think I’m French) 4// Silk Gingham Top (because when you wear all black you should get crazy with pattern) 5// Quilted iPhone Case (like carrying Chanel, but it’s $13) 6// Asha Zodiac Ring (dying for the Aries ring…ugh)

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5 comments on “Wednesday Wish List

  1. Elle O

    That bow bag! I am again reminded why I absolutely love Valentino. And how did I miss that top? I was just online shopping at J Crew this morning. My credit card will not thank me, but I may have to go back for more. Nice picks!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Elle O – I think I’m pulling the trigger on the top too! I can’t resist!

    Aja – I’m so glad you like it! It will add a little something to the black cigarette pants I live in…!

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