Vintage Wedding Style









I love this bride’s vintage inspired style. The coat makes her look like Grace Kelly, don’t you think? The photographer did such a wonderful job of capturing her excitement. Getting married on a rainy day in England sounds rather sweet…

(photography by McKinley Rodgers)

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4 comments on “Vintage Wedding Style

  1. Anne

    I popped over to the photographer’s website, and I pretty much died and went to heaven when I saw her dress. Swoon-worthy. His shot of the rain hitting the ground is pretty lovely as well. Thanks for sharing! Best, Anne

  2. Ren

    That is so beautiful! I think it’s rather romantic to be wed on a rainy day. A drizzly rainy day, though. Not like my friends, Kat and Paul, who had an all-out thunderstorm on their wedding day. Though the weather could’ve been a representation of their passion and energy as a couple. I actually like thinking of their relationship like that. For me, a soft rain would be lovely on my wedding day. It would suggest comfort and nourishment and a need for warmth.

  3. pen

    Thanks so much for the post, and I agree Helen was very Grace Kelly inspired :) Loved this wedding and @Anne, it was totally one of my favourite dresses from the season!

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