Monday Wish List


I snatched up a tiny silver ring (a horseshoe for my pinky) at a boutique in the east village last month and ever since I’ve been rather drawn to silver. I especially love it mixed with gold. Let’s explore our options, shall we…?

1// New York Times Tee (darling, plus cute boys know you’re well-read…) 2// Crystal Earrings (I’m all for subtle bling…) 3// Petite Lexington Watch (dainty and silver and I like it…) 4// Tassle Bow Pouch (Ann Taylor, well done…) 5// Diamond Bangle (wear it with the watch, mixing metals is so chic…) 6// Silver Star Ring (just plain cute…) 7// Mirrored Metallic Leather Flats (like heaven on your feet…)

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7 comments on “Monday Wish List

  1. Maggie

    Katie, this set is adorable, but it’s disappointing to me! I would think most matchbook girls would like the shirt because they are proud to be well-read- no matter what the cute boys think! Matchbook girls don’t need the affirmations of cute boys to know we’re smart and accomplished. Just something to consider for future posts! xo

  2. Classiq

    Ever since I saw Jean Seberg in Breathless I’ve wanted a t-shirt printed with New York Herald Tribune or The New York Times. Love this one!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Maggie – I love you for pointing that out! Point taken and I fully agree. Only meant it in jest — I have tendency towards sarcasm and it doesn’t always translate online. The Matchbook girl speaks up — my kinda gal.

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