Friday Wish List


It’s Friday. Let’s daydream about fabulous things…

1/ Tweed Jacket (almost Chanel, wear it with jeans and fun kicks…) 2/ Travel Brush Set (need this! Hate packing my big brushes for overnights…) 3/ Earrings (antique-y bling, total steal…) 4/ Suede Lime Flats (equally chic in black…) 5/ Bow Satchel (ladylike but not prissy a.k.a. perfection…) 6/ Rose Gold Bracelet (timeless.)

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7 comments on “Friday Wish List

  1. Paris in Four Months

    I love these montages you make :) When I saw this I just thought “I NEED THAT JACKET”! I’m always on the hunt for a good jacket, but now it’s sold out. Darn it!

    Thank you for the lovely inspiration anyway ;) xx Carin

  2. Jennifer

    Love these. The earrings and bracelet went right into my shopping cart. Bravo! Working on justifying the handbag. Have a great weekend

  3. Phyllis

    I love your fabulous Wish Lists SO much. And have done some damage to my bank account by purchasing several things after you highlight them. Thanks {I think!} : ) and please keep curating them!

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