My Newfound Pinterest Addiction


Okay, so I know I’m late to the party, but lately I have been absolutely addicted to Pinterest. I joined early on but never really caught the pinning bug until a few weeks ago. Now, as Miley would say, I can’t stop. I pin everything: canadian tuxedos (see “personal style”), the eiffel tower (I may or may not have an entire “I want to move to Paris” board), nutella sea salt chocolate chip cookies (who knew such sin existed?!), and nail art. It’s getting serious — I even got a sparkly gold manicure last week (I rarely stray from black or red) because I’d seen one on Pinterest! Do you pin? What are your favorite things to pin? Be sure to leave a link to your boards in the comments – would love to check them out!

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38 comments on “My Newfound Pinterest Addiction

  1. Emily

    I’ve noticed your pinning spree! I’ve really been loving what you’ve been posting, too. Welcome aboard…sadly, Pinterest takes up far too much of my time. But there truly are some great things to be found.

  2. Anna-Sophie Lund Johnsen

    Totally agree! Pinterest is also my favorite inspiration-side when it come to a website with pictures (tumblr and we heart it has never really gotten that into me). But Pinterest… I have already builded up many boards with fashion, modelling, travels, room decor, photographing, Paris (yes I have such a board too), food and just pictures I find with a very nice atmosphere in it. You are welcome to give my profile a look:

    Best Anna-Sophie

  3. Tina@Traveling Mama

    Pinterest is one of my little guilty pleasures. It is terribly addictive, but I love it! I have found it to be an incredibly useful tool for really understanding my personal style, too.

  4. Stephanie Niko

    I pin like crazy!

    I just moved and have been pinning inspiration for my NYC studio
    as well as all the meals I envision myself making for people who visit. And, since I’m not allowed to have pets in my new place, I created a virtual puppy based on Edith Wharton’s character.

    I have a whole board devoted to my soon-to-be published book on Jack Kerouac and also used it to create boards for the fashion and culture of the ’40s and ’50s to really immerse myself in his world.

    Now I’m going to have to check out the Pinterest boards of everyone here!

  5. Lindsey

    Your pinterest is one of my favorites! Check mine out too- ljoecks. I may have repinned quite a few things of yours…whoops. But you have such fabulous taste, I could hardly resist. :)

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    I’m so flattered that some of you were already following my silly pins (I apologize for the overwhelming number of deserts and puppies). Setting aside time tomorrow to check out each and every one of your accounts – so excited! :)

  7. Hayley

    I love pinning! I am especially loving your pinning spree… My pins range from home inspiration to style, words and design… the list goes on! Loving finding good recipes as well. My next project will be printing out and compiling all of the recipes that I have encountered, print them out and put them in a binder so I can actually try them!

  8. A Girl, A Style

    I am also an avid Pinterest enthusiast (it fuels my wanderlust, my dreams to spend summers in Paris, my love affairs with each season and the way I want to dress each morning). Mine is here in case you want to take a peek:

    P.S. Your Pinterst is just perfect; I especially adore your ‘I want to move to Paris/London’ boards!

    Briony xx

  9. Emily

    I’m late to this post but I love your pins (and your style in general, couldn’t get enough Matchbook if I tried). Pinterest is a visual escape for me; most of the pins on this board of places I’ve been recall my semester living in Paris. From one Francophile to another, thought you might enjoy…

  10. Ren

    I got the Pinterest bug last night while my parents were watching NASCAR, lol. We were at the beach and they were all but falling asleep, and I was just lying on the couch pinning and re-repinning with long-gone eyes. I was telling my mom today on the way home that it was addictive and you had to be careful, because you could waste hours on the site.

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