The Statement Earring


This fall I’m all about simple attire with statement baubles. I rarely wear earrings, but have decided that this — due to the abundance of sparkly stunners on the market — simply must change. At the top of on my wish list:

1// Asha Olivia Earrings 2// Black Onyx Studs 3// Paris New York Earrings 4// Ben-Amun Maisie Earrings 5// Tortoise Brick Studs 6// Crystal Finge Drop Earrings 7// Coral Abba Earrings 8// Crystal Bow Studs

P.S. More baubles I’m loving lately…

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One comment on “The Statement Earring

  1. Erin

    Can you believe I don’t have my ears pierced? 26 and have never worn earrings (well, unless you count those fantastic stick-on sets you got as a kid). These are all lovely, though. Do you think they come in clip-on? ;)

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