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One of my Christmas presents was a weekend upstate (“did you hashtag best boyfriend ever?”) so this evening I’m packing my bags for Woodstock, New York. We’re driving up in the morning and I can’t wait to explore all the cozy towns along the Hudson. It’s going to be mighty chilly, but I figure it’s nothing a little wine by the fire can’t cure! Let me know if you have any recs of things to do/see/eat in the area. I’m especially looking forward to dinner at Cucina — I’ve heard rave reviews. Above is a rental a bit further upstate — isn’t it a stunner? Let the country house dreams commence!

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12 comments on “Weekend Upstate

  1. Shannon

    You must try The Bear Cafe. The food is to die for and the atmosphere is so cozy. I am from the Woodstock area and it is definitely in my top five!

  2. Kira

    Hi Katie! I’m from the Hudson Valley, hope you enjoy it! Bread Alone has a lovely menu and breakfast is served all day. If you’d like to venture East of the Hudson, head to Rhinebeck to visit lots of little shops and great restaurants. Stay cozy :)

  3. Rebecca

    That sounds like such an amazing weekend away! I’ve been thinking that’s what my husband and I need to plan as a week long vacation is not in the cards for us any time soon.

  4. Adam Parsons

    Unfortunately, I can’t recommend anything for you. Too bad because I would love to reward you for the great pictures. The low-end bed is awesome and so is the kitchen! Are you planning to stay at that place too? Enjoy your trip!

  5. Mariella

    What an amazing place! I’m so glad there are such options for weekend getaways. You just inspired me to plan one myself. Enjoy your trip! :)

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