Farewell, Uptown Apartment



If you follow me on instagram then you already know that Alfred and I are making the move to Brooklyn! Today is our last day uptown and it’s bittersweet to be certain. While I’ve loved the proximity to Central Park and the museums, I’m over the moon to be headed to Williamsburg with its great boutiques, waterfront, and restaurants. The moving van arrives at 8am! Wish us luck!

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10 comments on “Farewell, Uptown Apartment

  1. Kayla

    Best of luck. As I learned in college…the start of something new, brings the hope of something great! Best wishes to you, the pup, and the boy!

    P.S. Met Fallon Hogerty. She lives in my neighborhood and love her!

  2. Natalie

    Your space is gorgeous! I’m sure you’re sad to leave, but moving is always exciting! You get to redecorate a whole new space, how fun! Good luck with everything :) Sounds fabulous.


  3. Lily

    Congrats, but — holy tragedy to lose that gorgeous space! I’m sure you will do a brilliant job with the next one though.

    PS: Your couch!! Where is it from??

  4. Sandra

    I can feel ur excitement in this post and i think it’s so worth changing places every now and again, even though it may be hard to do that.
    I hope you’ll get plenty of inspiration onece u’re settled in, but in the mean time, I can not post this comment without giving some credit to that beautifully decorated sofa: i absolutelly love the mirror and leopard print cushions – looks uber chic!!!

    anyhow – good luck :)

    Sandra from http://www.chicplaisir.com

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