Amen, sister.

katie-armour-the-neo-tradThe cute t-shirt above made me smile. I’m currently in California hanging with my fam and I think I’ll order one for hitting the tennis court with my pops. Just the motivation I needed!

1. Beyonce T-shirt (truth.) // 2. Sports Bra (stock up on them in bright colors at Target) // 3. Gold Ear Buds (it’s the little things…) // 4. Nike Sneaks (just ordered these — excited is an understatement) // 5. Nike Running Shorts (classic) // 6. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (sorry to get all self-help on you, but her books are the best — just started this one yesterday!) //


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11 comments on “Amen, sister.

  1. Lauren

    I love Brene Brown! And I totally embrace the self-help genre because it’s really the art of living genre!

  2. Haydee

    I have “Daring Greatly” sitting on my nightstand! I haven’t opened it up yet, but you’ve just given me a kick in the rear to do so!:)

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