Jack Spade Fall 2014 Campaign



I love an advertising campaign that has a sense of realness to it — an authenticity that feels like home. This shot from Jack Spade’s fall 2014 campaign drew me in for just that reason. The Moroccan rug, the mohair sofa, his cashmere sweater, her wool socks…all that’s missing is a snoring pug, but then, one can’t expect perfection.

(photography by Susanna Howe)


How I’d get the look:


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2 comments on “Jack Spade Fall 2014 Campaign

  1. Cait McCann Vincent

    I love this ad for its distinct sense of branding and carefully curated approach. There is also something so nostalgic about it. His sweater, loafers and glasses make me think that this photo could easily have been taken in the mid ’60s. But then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from Jack Spade. He is the definitive master of making nostalgia chic.


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