Sweater Weather






It’s in the mid-seventies here in California, but I’m dreaming of sweater weather. This editorial seemed too pretty not to share — the third look kills me. My grandmother recently returned from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and hasn’t stopped talking about the gorgeous, understated knits all her fellow theater-goers were wearing. “Nothing ostentatious about it, just beautiful, luxurious, hand-knit stuff. You should have seen the women, so understated, so chic…they wore them oversized, wrapped, belted…” she gushed. I’m trying to be grateful for the never-ending sunshine, but dear California, won’t you throw me even a hint of a cool autumn breeze…?

(via My Dubio)


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2 comments on “Sweater Weather

  1. Terra

    I live in California (SF) and couldn’t agree more-bring on the sweater weather! I grew up going to the Shakespeare Festival and I totally agree with your grandmother-understated chic. Love your images except for the first which is probably not something you would see at the festival; a bit too ostentatious. Boo to fur.

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