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I have been keeping a list of things I need to see/do on my next trip to New York (Alfred and I have been in California spending some much needed time with my family this winter) and at the top of the list is a visit to The Apartment by The Line. The company’s founder, Vanessa Traina, has killer style (remember her wedding in Vogue?) and the “Apartment” serves as a retail space and event venue for her super chic minimalist brand, The Line. From the thick Moroccan rugs to the sleek mid-century inspired lighting, I can’t get enough of the interior’s artful mix of opulence and simplicity. Now, how to replicate said chicness in my next place? To be determined…

(via Sous Style)


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One comment on “The Apartment by The Line

  1. Elisa

    Lovely! The bedroom is my favorite. Just goes to show that “chic” doesn’t have to be synonym with over-the-top. Gorgeous, simple touches.

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