Carolyn Murphy and Shinola







Cool things are happening in Detroit these days (I’m hoping to visit this spring…) and one of them is American-made watch brand Shinola. Style icon Carolyn Murphy is the company’s women’s design director and has the ultimate “American tomboy” style. This year Murphy is overseeing the introduction of a handbag collection and much like their watch line, it’s bound to be sleek. One of these days I hope to sport a Shinola watch on my own wrist–they’re an investment to be sure, but include a lifetime guarantee.

A handful of my favorites:

(images of Carolyn Murphy via The Coveteur)


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4 comments on “Carolyn Murphy and Shinola

  1. Diane

    Please visit Detroit. It is going through the most amazing renaissance. Decades after the last member of my family moved out to the suburbs, my daughter works and lives downtown and loves the city. Every day there is something new (or old!) and wonderful to discover here.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Diane — That is so wonderful to hear. What a lucky daughter you have! I keep learning about fantastic new shops and restaurants opening there. Will be sure to post about my visit!

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