Luke Edward Hall for Buddy Editions


I’m thrilled to announce that Buddy Editions has added new prints by a young man I admire immensely, Luke Edward Hall. I have been a fan of Luke’s creative pursuits for some time and was so pleased to meet him while in London last September (I blushed bright pink like a fan girl, true story, it was slightly mortifying…). Luke is an interior designer, stylist and illustrator with a degree from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins. He currently works in the interior decoration department of architectural designer Ben Pentreath in London’s Bloomsbury. You may well have heard of the firm’s work–they’re currently assisting the Duchess of Cambridge with Kensington Palace. Luke’s eye for design is unparalleled and I often gush to those around me that he will be the greatest decorator in England someday. How can you not adore someone that cites his greatest weaknesses to be “Feeling anxious and almond croissants.” I can’t wait to have Luke’s work on my walls. Get to know Luke’s favorite things in his Buddy Questionnaire.


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