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I have been dreaming of simple, chic all-white bedding lately and today I pulled the trigger on a new set of linens for my future Chicago pad. I went with Pottery Barn and ordered the PB Essential Duvet, sheet set, and euro shams. I checked them out in the store a few weeks ago and they’re so yummy and soft. I have a grey tufted headboard in storage that I can’t wait to unpack and the fine folks at Casper are sending me a queen mattress. I’ve heard rave reviews (they ship in a box, how handy is that?) and can’t wait to give it a try. Last but not least, I’ll need a great throw at the foot of the bed—faux fur, cashmere? Let me know your thoughts. Above is a handful of images that inspired my future crisp white spread—and now, I could use a nap. 

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8 comments on “My Future Bed

  1. Wren

    I love white duvets! I totally plan to get one the next time I move when I hopefully can control the color of my walls. And I have a thing for faux fur throws right now, so I’m going to put my vote in for that. :)

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Wren – That’s two votes for faux fur! Thanks for weighing in! I think I may keep the walls white too, is that so boring?! We shall see… :)

  3. Jackie

    Just did the exact same thing – bought all white bedding!! It’s so lovely – you’re going to LOVE it! I was debating between a faux fur throw and a quilt (diamond linen one from PB) for the end of my bed. Let me know what you decide on. I’m going to think about it a bit longer (also so my bank account can catch up to me).


  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Jackie – Ohhh the diamond linen throw sounds cute, I’m going to look it up. Will keep you posted on what I decide and I hear you on the bank account, starting over in a new apartment is adding up! xx

  5. HMC

    I’m completely on team faux fur–I’m obsessed with the one on my couch, and it will definitely come in handy with the brutal Chicago temps!

  6. WKWR

    My husband and I are looking to be a new mattress too! Would love an update on how you like your Casper. Enjoy Chicago! xx.

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