Madewell Spring 2015 Catalog


Madewell’s Spring 2015 catalog has me dreaming of a South American getaway. Photographed in Buenos Aires, the look book backdrop is a lovely as the clothes themselves. I’ve been itching to travel to Argentina for ages and this certainly hasn’t discouraged my wanderlust. I’ll take the wardrobe and the cobblestone streets.






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5 comments on “Madewell Spring 2015 Catalog

  1. Anna

    I’m South American and spent some time living in Buenos Aires, and I HATE this shoot. Buenos Aires is one of the most colorful, vibrant and sexiest cities in the world, and there’s no local flavor (or people) to be found in these pictures. Not to mention, that no Porteno would ever be caught dead leaving the house like this, especially in Birkenstocks.

  2. Sophia

    I am Argentine, and think that it’s worth having a conversation about fashion’s problem with colonial undertones – especially because B.A. has a distinct sense of style. Just saying – no Latina would ever EVER leave the house looking like that. Overalls?

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Marjie – Thank you, that means so much! xx

    Anna – I like a woman that speaks her mind. I do wish they’d shown more of Buenos Aires, but as a fashion business, I’m sure the focus of the catalog was their clothes. Also, I like my Birkenstocks, but I absolutely respect your right to dislike them. Thanks for writing—debate is a wonderful thing.

    Sophia – I’m glad you weighed in. As I said above, I would have loved to have seen more local style/culture incorporated. That being said, I also think those overalls are awesome. I don’t think they were trying to suggest Latina women wear overalls often, but more that the tomboy girl that shops at Madewell may wear them when she travels. I hope someone at Madewell reads your comments—constructive criticism is a good thing.

  4. Alice

    I’m travelling to Buenos Aires this summer, and will most certainly be taking my Birkenstocks. Wish Madewell had accompanied their shoot with some juicy travel info about BA though, perhaps that would have been a positive way to incorporate a little of the local culture.

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